The Viticoltori Ingauni Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1976 on the initiative of 13 members, who gathered to produce the most typical wine of the area:  Pigato.

Over the years the number of members has gradually increased, with a subsequent increment in the amount and variety of grapes used in the production of wine: Pigato and other grape varietals of the Western Riviera, such as Vermentino, Rossese (known as "Campochiesa"), Ormeasco of Pornassio and its most notable variants (Traditional, Superior and  Sciac-tra), and Lumassina mossa (lightly sparkling).

At present "Viticoltori Ingauni" has about 198 members, spread over a territory of the Western Ligurian Riviera that covers the areas of Finale Ligure, Albenga, Diano Marina, the Lerrone Valley and, most of all, the Arroscia Valley  going from Albenga to the Village of Pornassio passing through Ortovero.

Our Cooperative neither owns nor rents property, hence the whole production is the result of the grapes coming from our members' vinyards, distributed over a vast territory with varied terroirs, allowing our wines to benefit from their best features.

Currently we vinify about 4500/4700 quintals of grapes per year. The Pigato constitutes about 58% of our production, Vermentino 18%, Ormeasco of Pornassio and its varieties 10%, Rossese  7%,  Lumassina, I.G.P. and table wines the remaining 7%.

Our Cooperative has won many awards over the years:  Wine Contest "Douja d'Or" (1994-1995-2003-2005-2006-2009-2010-2011); "Gran medaglia d'argento di Cangrande"( Vinitaly Fair of Verona).

The head office of the Cooperative is in Ortovero (SV),  Via Roma n.3.  Here you'll find a shop where you can buy our wines in bulk or in bottles.




  • Entrance to the old wine cellar
  • The old fiberglass tanks
  • Bottling machine
  • Office of the enologist
  • Old wine cellar
  • Construction of the new wine cellar
  • Founding member Vincenzo Passanisi and enologist Gianpaolo Ramo'
  • August 1988