Dedicated to food and wine industry

Linea Horeca

Linea Horeca is a selection of wines dedicated to food and wine industry,
exclusively distributed by our network of sales agents.

Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C.

11,5% - 13% ABV 
Serving temperature: 12°c.

Characteristics: deeply straw-colored. Its fragrance is characteristic, intense and slightly aromatic. 

A good choice for seafood hors d'oeuvre, it matches perfectly with ligurian cuisine.

Vermentino Riviera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C.

11,5% - 13% ABV
Serving temperature: 12°c.

Characteristics: straw-colored, persisting and intense aroma. Dry flavour with lightly bitter ground.

It goes well with Ligurian cuisine, especially with fish. 

Ormeasco Cooperativa vinicola Viticoltori Ingauni Ortovero

Ormeasco di Pornassio Superiore

12,5% - 14,5% ABV
Serving temperature: 18°c

Characteristics: bright ruby red colour if young, its colour becomes more intense when this wine achieves finesse. Tannic dry taste when young, it becomes warm, sapid and mellow during its élevage.

With red meat dishes.

Ormeasco di Pornassio Sciac-trà

11,5% - 12,5% ABV
Serving temperature: 12°c

Characteristics: coral red colour, delicate and highly characteristic winey scent. Dry, fresh taste.

Thanks to its mellowness, it pairs with many recipes of the Ligurian cuisine, especially fish.

Granaccia Cooperativa vinicola Viticoltori Ingauni Ortovero

Granaccia Riviera ligure di Ponente D.O.C.

12,5°% - 13,5°% ABV
Serving temperature: 16°c

Characteristics: limpid, transparent, intense ruby red. Intense on the nose, with a strong aroma of spices and red fruits. Warm and supple flavor, soft but with a round tannin structure that perfectly combines with a fresh acidity.

Perfect for game meat dishes.

Rossese Riviera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C.

11,5% - 13% ABV
Serving temperature: 16° c

Characteristics: light ruby red colour, with its typical subtle scent and a mellow dry aromatic taste

Because of its particular mellowness, this wine is ideal with many dishes of the Ligurian cuisine and with fish recipes.